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RFQ and RFP Notices

Current RFQ & RFP Notices


VNA Health Care
400 N. Highland Avenue
Aurora, IL 60506

Owner’s Contact:           
Amy Baudouin, VP of Facilities and Office Operations
Email: | Phone: 630.482.8109                                      

4 Locations:
801 Villa Street Elgin, IL; 400 N. Highland Ave. Aurora, IL;
1400 Indian Ave. in Aurora, IL; 160 N. Independence Blvd. Romeoville, IL

Landscape maintenance shall begin on April 1st thru November 30th.   Professional horticultural practices shall be performed at all locations during the months of April thru November. Company will furnish, labor, materials, tools, and equipment necessary to perform work and duties in a workmanship-like manner creating as little disruption as possible to the owner.

Walk-through Information:
You may visit the locations during regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. M-F.

Scope of Work:
Provide landscape maintenance for all four VNA locations as listed above. Spring cleanup includes removal of accumulated fall and winter debris from turf and beds. Turf will be maintained at approximately 3” in height or as climatic conditions dictate throughout April thru November. The proposal should also include a weed control, pest control and bed maintenance that includes cultivation and spade edging.  Trees, shrubs, evergreen and groundcover shall be inspected and pruned. Up to three (3) pruning’s should be included to keep the properties looking sharp and giving it a clean look. Pruning of shrubs less than six feet, trees up to fifteen feet shall be pruned. Evergreens and shrubs shall be pruned to assure their natural look.  Street trees will have their lower limbs removed when pedestrian traffic is impaired. All trimmings will be cleaned up and removed from the site. Fertilization should be applied to the turf three (3) times per year.  Early spring fertilizer with pre-emergence crabgrass control to aid in the prevention of crabgrass. Summer and fall are fertilizer only. Application rate will consist of 1lb. nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 square feet per application. All shrub and plant beds are fertilized with a balanced ratio fertilizer (14/14/14). Care should be used to insure that the fertilizer is applied uniformly. Fall cleanup will include turf being mowed at an appropriate height to help prevent matting from snowfall.  Removal of flowers including annuals as well as leaves will be removed from turf and bed areas, and any appropriate winter pruning.

Please provide a separate line item for mulch.  Disclosing the type of mulch to be used, price per cy and the quantity per location. 

Disclose the type of mulch to be used, price per cy and the quantity per location.

Special Considerations:
Company will maintain the following types of insurance: worker’s compensation, complete auto coverage, and general liability in commercially reasonable coverage amounts. The Company will provide a Certificate of Insurance when contract is signed.  General Liability $1,000,000 – Auto - $1,000,000, Umbrella liability $10,000,000, workers compensation $500,000.  

Submittal of Proposals:
All proposals are due by 3:00pm on March 2, 2020 at 400 N. Highland Ave. Aurora, IL  60506 or via email to