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Need a Prescription in Elgin?

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We provide prescription discounts for eligible VNA patients. Available for all medications, our markdowns are greater than those you’ll find at large retail and big box–store pharmacies. You can also receive a discount at participating Walgreens throughout our service area if your medication is prescribed by a VNA provider.

VNA’s pharmacies are located at our Aurora – Highland Avenue and Elgin – Villa Street locations. Convenient drive-thru service is available. Make sure to call the pharmacy at which you want to pick up your prescription. Prescriptions will be filled at the same location to which they are sent. Prescriptions sent to the VNA Aurora Pharmacy will be filled at the Aurora Pharmacy and prescriptions sent to the VNA Elgin Pharmacy will be filled at the Elgin Pharmacy.

Medications filled for VNA patients at VNA or a participating Walgreens through the 340B program are discounted. Prescriptions must be written by a VNA provider. Large retail and big-box stores can offer only a few drugs at very low prices. The 340B program allows your provider to prescribe medications beyond this limited $4 generic list.

Here are a few examples of how pricing at VNA and participating Walgreens compares with the large retailers’.

Regular Price Large Retail Store Local Pharmacy VNA **
Proair HFA 108 (90 base) mcg $72.99 $65.17 $19.10 $12.10
Levemir (insulin)/vial $388.99 $324.00 $27.00 $20.00
Fluticasone nasal spray (50 mcg) $62.99 $44.99 $21.82 $14.82

**Prices listed are for those without insurance; market prices may vary.

Participating Walgreens locations with discounts for VNA patients with a prescription written by a VNA provider:

  • Aurora
    • 2311 Ogden Ave
    • 1207 N. Randall Rd.
    • 1221 N. Lake St.
    • 22 N. Constitution Dr.
    • 1180 N. Farnsworth Ave.
    • 9 N. Union St.
  • Bensenville
    • 5 W. Irving Park Rd
  • Bolingbrook
    • 1295 Lily Cache Ln.
    • 101 Lily Cache Ln.
    • 680 E. Boughton Rd.
  • Carol Stream
    • 540 N. Schmale Rd.
  • Carpentersville
    • 399 Lake Marian Rd.
  • Elgin
    • 815 Summit St.
    • 1700 Larkin Ave.
    • 600 Villa St.
    • 589 N. McLean Blvd.
  • South Elgin
    • 1201 W. Spring St.
  • Joliet
    • 2101 W. Jefferson St.
  • Montgomery
    • 1799 Douglas Rd.
  • Naperville
    • 63 W. 87th St.
    • 612 Raymond Dr.
  • Romeoville
    • 498 N. Weber Rd.
    • 347 N. Independence Blvd.
  • Wheaton
    • 1601 N. Main St.
    • 2191 W. Roosevelt Rd.
  • Woodridge
    • 2501 75th St.

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