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There is a wide range of things you will need to consider when it comes to your pregnancy. One of those is what kind of team you would like to have to help you through your birth experience. You could just use a doctor or a midwife, or could add a doula, or have some other combination of professionals at your side. There are several differences between a doula and a midwife, and it is important to know what each one does before deciding what is best for your pregnancy and birthing plan. In general, a doula provides support to the mother before and during childbirth. They will also be available for a short time after the birth. A midwife can offer gynecological assistance, birth control counseling, labor and delivery care, and prescriptions.

Delivering Babies

You may be wondering if a doula and midwife can deliver a baby. A doula typically provides support for expectant mothers and focuses on their needs in order to provide an empowering and memorable experience. Their main goal is to prepare you for childbirth and create a birth plan that meets all of your needs. There are birth doulas that can stay with the mother during the birthing process to offer breathing techniques and relaxation support. They are not medically trained and therefore cannot deliver a baby. 

A midwife is a healthcare professional who can perform gynecological exams, perform health monitoring and provide information on contraceptives. A midwife is able to deliver a baby without assistance, but they will refer women to an obstetrician during birth if the need arises and works closely with an obstetrician. However, in general, midwives can and do deliver babies on their own, and in many countries, most babies are delivered by midwives. 


Both a doula and midwife will be well-trained for their respective roles. A doula does not need accredited medical training, but they can choose to be certified and trained by different organizations depending on their location. You can get recommendations from your doctor or other patients when choosing a doula. VNA offers free doula services for first and second-time mothers.

On the other hand, a midwife is required to be certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB). They will also need to have completed a Bachelor’s degree and will have extensive training before getting their certification. 


The similarities between a doula and midwife are that they are both healthcare professionals who assist women during their pregnancy or birthing process. They can play different roles and can each provide a special resource for women during their pregnancies. 


A doula and midwife offer different services. It is important to understand the differences, so you will make the right decision for your birthing team. When you want a more natural birth with little technological advances, then a midwife is a good choice for you. When you want an advocate specifically looking out for the person giving birth, a doula is a good choice for you. A doula will be there to provide services and support to the mother and works closely with the doctors, nurses, and midwives.

Can You Use Both During Pregnancy?

Yes! You can use both a doula and midwife during your pregnancy and birthing journey. Please note that a midwife is trained to know when an emergency is happening and a doctor is required to step in. This can happen during high-risk pregnancies or when there is an issue during birth, and the midwife and the doctor will work together to ensure that you have a safe pregnancy and birth. 

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