Provide an excellent care and patient experience that contributes to better health outcomes for the most people from vulnerable populations in Suburban Chicago and surrounding communities.


VNA Health Care is a humanitarian, not-for-profit organization that provides comprehensive primary care, home-based services, and a wide range of other medical, health, and community wellness programs for people living in suburban Chicago and beyond. VNA strives to improve the standard of health for all with high-quality, accessible, and compassionate care delivered in VNA health centers, community settings, and patient homes.

Our actions are guided by the following values:

Serve with Compassion: We provide health care for all individuals in need of our services. We honor human dignity and provide care with kindness, concern and empathy.

Be Operationally Excellent: We work as a team, collaborating and keeping each other well-informed, in order to satisfy the health care needs of our patients and community with efficient and effective care that is safe, high quality and evidence based.

Innovate for Progress: We encourage curiosity, exchange of ideas, professional development and creativity and know that this is a force behind growth and progress that will benefit our patients and community.

Balance Life: We understand that work is one aspect of a fulfilling, harmonious life. We care for our patients as well as our employees, working together to best meet the needs of both.

Value Individuals: We value each person as an individual, regardless of position or differences. We promote an environment of equity and inclusion in which all individuals feel seen, heard and valued. We are accepting, kind and considerate of our patients and each other.

Honor our Nursing Roots: We equally value each position, role and profession knowing that each contributes to the integral whole. Built into our foundation and serving us today, principles of nursing care that promote health, prevent disease, restore health and alleviate suffering are embedded throughout our programs and services.

Lead with Integrity. We have high professional standards that are guided by moral and ethical principles when faced with decisions or challenges. We are committed to carrying out the VNA Mission by being inclusive, equitable, honest, trustworthy and transparent. We will always do the right thing for the people we serve and for each other.