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VNA Health Care is a humanitarian, not-for-profit organization that provides comprehensive primary care and community health services for people living in suburban Chicago and beyond. VNA strives to improve health equity and reduce health disparities with high quality, accessible, and compassionate care delivered in VNA health centers, community settings and patient homes.

Our actions are guided by the following values:

Serve with Compassion. Every person deserves empathy and dignity in receiving health care. As a humanitarian, not-for-profit organization, we accept and treat all community members in need, whether young or old, wealthy or poor, insured or uninsured.

Be Operationally Excellent. If we recognize a healthcare need among our patients and community, we will satisfy it with urgency, fiscal responsibility and a focus on results.

Innovate and Share Ideas. We believe in new ideas as the force behind progress. We encourage them among our team and use the best ones to benefit our patients.

Seek Work/Life Balance. Work is but one aspect of a rewarding, harmonious life. We also encourage our staff to pursue fulfillment beyond work in being well-balanced and -rounded people who connect with other people in serving them.

Treat Each Other as Equals and Respect our Nursing Roots. Each VNA position, program and service is equally important. By working together as equals across departments and functions, we accomplish more. Our nursing-focused operating model also focuses our past, present and future: It is the lens through which we view our community role and responsibility.

Lead with Integrity. When presented with a decision or an opportunity, we will always do what is best for the community we serve as well as one another, even if it requires greater difficulty and less political popularity.