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VNA Health Care family practice and pediatric doctors and nurse practitioners provide acute, chronic and preventive medical care to children from birth through age 21. A VNA hospital liaison may visit you after the birth of your baby to arrange for your baby’s first visit with a VNA pediatric care doctor or nurse practitioner. At age 21, young adults continue receiving care at VNA with a family practice doctor or nurse practitioner.

VNA Health Care providers manage your child’s physical and emotional well-being throughout every stage of development. They provide routine care and are involved in the prevention and early detection of potential health issues. Your child’s healthcare provider will:

  • Deliver care during all well-child visits including vaccination services and screenings
  • Conduct an annual exam or sports physicals
  • Treat various health issues including illnesses, infections, and injuries
  • Confirm your child is meeting all developmental milestones
  • Assess for developmental delays, disorders, and behavioral problems
  • Provide guidance regarding appropriate safety, nutrition and fitness needs for your child
  • Refer your child for specialist care if necessary

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