Keeping Your Adolescent Healthy

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VNA Health Care family practice and pediatric doctors and nurse practitioners provide acute, chronic and preventive medical care to children from birth through age 21. At age 21, young adults continue receiving care at VNA with a family practice doctor or nurse practitioner.

VNA Health Care providers manage your adolescent’s physical and emotional well-being throughout every stage of development. They provide routine care and are involved in the prevention and early detection of potential health issues. Your adolescent’s healthcare provider will:

  • Deliver care during all wellness exams, vaccination services and screenings
  • Conduct an annual exam or sports physicals
  • Treat various health issues including illnesses, infections, and injuries
  • Assess for mental & behavioral health issues including anxiety and depression
  • Provide guidance regarding appropriate nutrition and fitness needs for your adolescent
  • Refer your adolescent for specialist care if necessary
  • Discuss your adolescent’s reproductive life plan

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