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Benefits Assistance


Get help with Medicaid and Medicare benefits  

There are 6 different ways VNA can help you with benefits:

1. If your Medicaid health plan is not being renewed by the state, you will need to choose a new plan. HFS Illinois Client Enrollment Services will send you a letter with instructions for choosing a new plan and Primary Care Provider (PCP). If you wish to be a VNA patient under a new plan, you will need to choose a plan accepted by VNA and choose VNA as your PCP. If you receive this letter, visit VNA for more information. As of 1/1/18, VNA will accept Blue Cross Community, Harmony, and Meridian Medicaid Health Plans.

2. For existing Medicaid patients who have another Primary Care Provider (PCP) but have a health plan accepted at VNA (currently Aetna Better Health, Blue Cross Community, Family Health Network, Harmony, and Meridian), we can help you make the switch to a VNA PCP any time during the year.

3. For existing Medicaid patients who do not have a Medicaid health plan accepted at VNA, during your particular annual enrollment period, VNA can help you switch to a health plan accepted at VNA.

4. For new Medicaid patients, any time during the year, we can help you complete a health insurance application for:

  • Adult Medicaid
  • Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility (MPE)
  • Moms and Babies
  • All Kids

5. For uninsured women with a recent diagnosis of breast or cervical cancer, VNA can complete a ‘fast track’ application to get health insurance coverage for your treatment within 1-2 weeks. Contact our Illinois Breast & Cervical Cancer Program at (630) 892-4355, extension 8535.

6. For new Medicare patients, we can help you learn about Medicare insurance AND help you make a smooth transition from Medicaid (or another health insurance) to Medicare. VNA accepts Medicare parts A & B (must have both). If you have both Medicare Part A & B as primary, VNA accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plus as a supplementary/secondary health plan. At this time, VNA does NOT accept any Medicare HMOs (replacement plans).

NOTE: If you have a non-Medicaid health Insurance plan through the Marketplace and you need RENEWAL assistance, we have found the quickest way to get your answers is to phone the Marketplace Call Center directly for immediate assistance.

Phone 1-800-318-2596 to speak with a trained Marketplace representative.