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Click to print out the Student Registration and Consent form in order to be eligible to receive VNA Health Care services

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School-Based Health Centers

What Is a School-Based Health Center?

A school-based health center (SBHC) or school-linked health center is a small health clinic located inside a school, or right next to a school campus. VNA school-based health centers are led by highly-skilled VNA nurse practitioners who specialize in family practice or pediatric care. Students also have access to the support of a nutritionist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) at their health center.

The main purpose of having health clinics in schools is to provide children and teenagers quick and immediate access to health services and treatment. The range of services available at SBHCs includes annual check-ups, school and sports physicals, sick and preventive care, lab tests, vaccines, and management of chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes (type 1 & 2).

VNA Health Care currently has a designated school-based health center serving students at East Aurora High School and a school-linked health center serving students at Romeoville High School. VNA also works closely in conjunction with other school districts to provide school and sports physicals with services provided in the VNA Mobile Clinic and at local VNA Health Centers.

Your student can receive care during the school day without requiring a parent to be present. Services may include sick and preventive care. No appointment needed.

VNA accepts students with and without insurance and no student is turned away due to inability to pay for services.

What Is the VNA Mobile Clinic?

The VNA Mobile Clinic is a full-service, wheelchair accessible exam room on wheels that offers the same high quality services as any of the VNA Health Center locations. The VNA Mobile Clinic travels to various schools, workplaces, and other events in the suburban Chicago area. Email to find out more or request a clinic to visit an area or event near you.

Parent/ Legal Guardian Consent Form

In order to ensure that your child is able to access the convenient services offered by VNA Health Care at your local school or at the VNA Mobile Clinic, please fill out the online or print version of the registration and consent form. VNA cannot provide your child any medical treatment without your express permission.

Click to fill out the Online Registration and Consent Form. Once the form is submitted with the signature of the Parent/Legal Guardian, then, at the time of service, the student will sign the form. The Online form is currently available for the following districts:

  • Bensenville School District 2 (Including Blackhawk Middle School)
  • Community Consolidated School District 93 (Including Carol Stream Elementary School)
  • East Aurora School District 131 (Including East Aurora High School)
  • Elmhurst Community Unit School District 125 (Including York Community High School)
  • Fairmont School District 89
  • Fenton Community High School District 100
  • Glenbard Township High School District 87
  • Indian Prairie School District 204 (Including Metea Valley High School)
  • Joliet Public Schools District 86
  • Joliet Township High School District 204 (Including Joliet West High School, Joliet Central High School, and Joliet Township High School)
  • School District U-46 (Including Elgin High School and South Elgin High School)
  • Valley View School District 365 (Including Romeoville High School and Bolingbrook High School)
  • West Aurora School District 129 (Including West Aurora High School)
  • West Chicago Elementary School District 33 (Including Leman Middle School)

Click the link below to a printable version of the Student Registration and Consent form. Once you have filled out the form, turn it into the school’s nurse’s office or mail it to VNA Health Care, 400 N. Highland Avenue, Aurora, IL 60506.

Click to print the Student Registration and Consent Form

Did You Know…

You don’t need to take your teenager out of school for general medical care? VNA can communicate with your regular doctor as needed. It is a win/win! Great care for your student and convenient for you.

Convenient services for your student include:

  • School physicals and immunizations
  • Sports physicals
  • Acute illness and injury care (for ear infections, sore throats, or sprained muscles)
  • Chronic illness care (for asthma, diabetes, or seizures, etc.)
  • Reproductive health services (abstinence counseling, menstrual issues, pregnancy, and STD prevention or tests)
  • Nutrition & Weight Counseling
  • Wellness exams and routine health screenings
  • Lead screening, TB tests, and other laboratory services
  • Smoking, vaping, alcohol, and drug use prevention education
  • Mental health services for stress, depression, emotional support, and referrals

Confidentiality between the student and their VNA provider will be ensured in specific service areas designated by law. Their care will not be discussed with a parent/guardian unless the student agrees. All students are encouraged to involve their parent(s)/guardian(s) in healthcare decisions.

Why Is School-Based Health Care Important?

Children and teenagers have complex healthcare needs. Kids often suffer from minor cuts and scrapes that can become infected if left untreated. They are also vulnerable to illnesses like flu, ear infections, strep throat, cold, stomach flu, sinusitis, and so on. The CDC also recommends several vaccines for polio, measles, chicken pox, and the flu, which can be administered at an SBHC.

Many chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes can originate in childhood. Their early detection is critical for the long-term health of your child. The health educators at an SBHC can offer critical guidance on reproductive health care as well.

Those are just some of the physical conditions that can be treated at a school-based health care center. Children, particularly teenagers, also suffer from stress and mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Access to mental health care is essential for a healthy and safe childhood. Health care providers can provide vital counseling and support.

Unfortunately, getting access to all these services comes with some unique challenges. A visit to the doctor’s office usually means missing a school day, particularly if the hospital or clinic is far away from where you live. The cost of treatment also means that care is out of reach for many children from low-income families.

School-based health care centers provide a convenient solution to both these issues. Having a doctor/nurse inside or near the school campus ensures that your children can access basic health services without missing classes.

Benefits From Access to Children’s Health Services

Children who grow up without access to basic medical treatment and health centers are more likely to have long-term illnesses and other chronic conditions. They also tend to have decreased physical and mental health, which affects their future quality of life as adults.

Perhaps most important is the impact health care can have on academics. Students who are frequently ill will have higher school absences and lower academic performance. They are more likely to suffer from behavioral health issues and substance abuse.

Healthy students tend to have better grades and are less likely to drop out. School districts with SBHCs and school nurses show better quality of student life, and better prospects for students who graduate.

For access to high-quality treatment and other pediatric services, visit any of the VNA locations today.

VNA has the healthcare resources you need.