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Comprehensive Health Services

Our comprehensive health services include not only basic primary care and chronic disease management but community health care. VNA’s goal is to improve the health and wellness of the diverse communities we serve. This means reaching out to provide comprehensive health services to individuals and groups such as women, infants, and children who may also need additional wraparound services to remove barriers to care.

It also entails concentrating on chronic disease prevention through creative programs that promote nutritious diets, active lifestyles, and other healthy living patterns. We achieve this through our unique combination of online and in-person group education classes. Classes address topics including parenting, prenatal health, diabetes, and general wellness.

Finally, our comprehensive health services provide low-cost, quality primary medical care from experienced providers to those who have insurance and those who are uninsured or underinsured at a time when healthcare costs are on the rise.

Community and Social Outreach

At VNA Health Care, we employ a wrap-around network of social services to support our patients and community. VNA community outreach workers promote wellness and disease prevention initiatives across our service area. VNA has a short-form digital show called VNA Today which discusses timely topics regarding VNA services as well as general health care issues affecting the community. VNA uses social media to promote VNA services and events. Patients can connect with VNA through social media, email, and online forms. This social and technology-driven approach helps us to expand the value and reach of our clinical activities. This enables VNA patients to become active participants in their care plan.

Why Do People Choose VNA?

VNA Health Care’s philosophy has always been to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care. VNA provides preventive care, sick care, and chronic disease care and management. We develop prevention-oriented programs by working closely with communities across suburban Chicago. We hope to address the root causes of major health issues affecting our communities. VNA serves a diverse patient population, and VNA takes this into consideration when developing healthcare initiatives in order to improve health equity and remove barriers to care.

This helps us to have a more holistic approach to disease prevention and treatment, resulting in exceptional outcomes. Here are a few reasons why VNA is the best choice for those looking for health services:

Increased Access to Health Services

VNA has a network of 16 clinics across the western suburbs of Chicago. Morning, daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available so that patients are able to manage their health care at their own convenience. VNA participates in Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and many private insurance plans. For those without insurance, a sliding fee discount scale is available. Benefits assistance specialists are always available to help patients who may be eligible for services.

Preventive Care

Our primary care providers frequently recommend preventive care and screening procedures.

Some of the services that help in early disease management are blood pressure checks, blood tests, breast exams, mammograms, pap smears, colon cancer screening, and so on. Our providers conduct these examinations regularly, which will help to avoid the development of chronic diseases.

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