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Find a doctor or nurse practitioner to plan your prenatal care and your baby’s delivery according to your and your individual needs.

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You can start your prenatal care at VNA as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. We’ll help you understand how to have a healthy pregnancy and what to expect during both labor and delivery. VNA recommends that you have about 15 visits during your pregnancy. You’ll see your provider once a month on average up to your twenty-eighth week. You’ll then visit every other week up to week 36. After that, you will come to VNA every week until your baby is born. Regular visits help ensure your provider can spot any problems early and treat them so you can have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

We expect you’ll have plenty of questions. Our obstetricians, midwife, doula, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses will be glad to answer them at each visit. If you have a partner or labor coach, you may want to bring that person with you to some of your appointments.

We have resources for your Prenatal Care at VNA Health Care.