February 7, 2019

Daneita and Cynthia are trained as Doulas, and are available to help our OB patients have a great experience with their pregnancy. They can support you throughout your pregnancy, birth and after your baby is born.  Our Doulas provide physical and emotional support and understand the importance of both aspects during your pregnancy.

Things Doulas can offer include:

  • Helping you prepare for the birth of your baby
  • Attending a prenatal doctor visit with you
  • Giving your support team helpful ideas about what they can do to best support you during childbirth
  • Staying with you at the hospital throughout your labor and stay until the baby is born
  • Providing or suggesting techniques such as massage, breathing exercises and positioning to make the birth experience more comfortable
  • Helping families communicate with caregivers in the hospital
  • Visiting you for several weeks after the baby is born to get you off to a great start with parenting

Our Doulas are certified by DONA International. For more information about Doula services, please call (630) 892-4355, ext 8469. You can watch a short video on prenatal care available at VNA and find out why you should deliver your baby with VNA’s help.