February 15, 2023

VNA’s Healthy Families program is a free and voluntary program that helps first and second-time parents to manage the demands of caring for a child during the first three years of life. Healthy Families America is a national home visiting program that provides support and resources to families with young children, especially those who are considered at-risk.

Family-support workers visit the home to encourage new parents by building on their strengths, emphasizing the joys of parenting and easing concerns with education and hands-on assistance. The objective is to strengthen families by providing them with the resources they need to raise healthy and successful children.

As new parents, VNA will be providing support based on your unique circumstances to create a healthy home environment for the whole family and reinforce parent-child bonding. Expectant parents strengthen their likelihood of success as a family by utilizing the services provided by the program.

Participation in Healthy Families America is voluntary. Anyone can make a referral to our program.

VNA Health Care’s Healthy Families America program is accredited by Prevent Child Abuse America. It is funded by organizations such as the Illinois Department of Human Services, Exchange Club of Aurora, Exchange Club of Naperville, INC Board NFP, Start Early and Fox Valley United Way.

How Do I Qualify to Be a Participant

Healthy Families America services can start before the baby is born with prenatal home visits by our doula. You can join VNA’s Healthy Families program when you are pregnant or within three months of the birth of your baby. The services are free to those who are expecting their first baby or who have a baby less than two weeks old. Qualifying families must live between the southern Kane County border and the northern border of Elgin.

Services Available for New Parents

Our dedicated Healthy Families program staff can provide a wide range of services for new parents in the local community including:

Supporting Healthy Growth and Development of the Baby 

  • Guidance during pregnancy and in early years of parenting
  • Education about various developmental stages of the baby
  • Improving child health, safety, growth and school readiness


Cultivating and Promoting Strong Parent-Child Relationships

  • Support for new parents to bond with the baby
  • Increasing and strengthening nurturing parenting practices
  • Preventing and mitigating child maltreatment


Enhancing Overall Family Well-Being  

  • Helping to create safe environments for the family
  • Preventing and mitigating family aggression and domestic violence
  • Improving the family’s economic self-sufficiency and assisting with community resources


Providing Parents with the Tools They Need

The Healthy Families Program incorporates tools proven to support and promote healthy parent-child relationships for new parents. These include:

Prenatal Support: When expecting parents enroll into VNA Healthy Families program during pregnancy, our team helps them build a resilient foundation for new parenthood, thereby helping improve birth outcomes and child health. As babies grow, services including health care and parent education increase the likelihood of becoming better parents.

Child Development Resources: With VNA’s Healthy Family program, new parents can obtain vital information they need about their child’s developmental milestones and keep track of the child’s healthy growth and development.

Setting Family Goals:  Trained staff visit families in their homes to provide support, education, and resources. Home visits allow staff to build relationships with families and help families feel supported and connected to their community. Parents and staff work together to plan relevant and achievable goals, while accounting for the family’s unique value systems and aspirations.

Maternal and Child Healthcare: Our teams at Healthy Families clinic work to eliminate barriers to healthcare access, enabling new parents to obtain medical insurance, connect with PCPs, and travel to the physician when required.

Trusted Support and Planning: With VNA’s Health Families program, new parents are reassured they have someone they can trust for information, guidance, and support as they plan for and navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Building Strong Relationships: Our committed team members are relationship builders, who closely engage with and develop connections with new parents, and educate and inspire them to build deep and lasting bonds with their child.

Referral and Follow-Up Services: Healthy Families America staff provide referrals and follow-up services to ensure that families are connected to the resources and services they need to succeed.

Services are Provided During Critical Developmental Years

Based on a careful understanding of each family’s specific situation, VNA staff provide services where needed during a stage critical for the development of healthier families. Families are also eligible for a wide variety of other VNA services during and after this period.

To learn more about VNA Health Care’s Healthy Families program, call us at (630) 526-7871, ext. 8398.