VNA offers free and interactive group-education classes for all individuals who want to learn more about various health education topics including prenatal care, parenting, and wellness.

VNA Step by Step: Wellness Classes

VNA Step by Step: Wellness classes provide valuable information on managing or preventing diabetes, heart disease or obesity. Through these classes, you will learn how simple changes can positively impact your health.

Fun and interactive, our wellness classes connect you with other patients who share your concerns and want to learn from one another as well as from the VNA experts. Classes include how to cook simply, eat healthfully, be more active, manage your medications, cope with stress and more.

In-person classes are resuming in Aurora (English Only)! Anyone is welcome to join whether or not they are a VNA patient. View our calendar for locations, dates and times. Call (630) 892-4355 x8181 to register.

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VNA Positive Parenting Classes

Join us for this free series to learn about positive discipline, temperament and development, sibling rivalry and other topics.

All are welcome – you do not have to be a VNA patient to attend.

Classes Online via Zoom: 11:00 am – 11:30 am

Classes are the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month
(You must register separately for the 2nd Tuesday of the month classes and the 4th Tuesday of the month classes – each of the classes covers a different topic)

Register for Classes on the 2nd Tuesday

Register for Classes on the 4th Tuesday

Call (630) 526-7939 ext. 8385 for more information.

VNA Prenatal Classes

The VNA Health Care Healthy Families program is offering Prenatal Classes to help parents prepare for the birth of their baby!

Expectant moms are encouraged to bring a support person to the classes. Classes are open to the entire community. All are welcome!

The eight week series will include information about:

  • Nutrition and Fetal Development
  • Relaxation and comfort measures during labor for pain relief
  • When to go and what to take to the hospital
  • Warning signs in pregnancy like preterm labor
  • Medical interventions such as C-section
  • How partners can support the mother during labor
  • Family planning services

All classes are held online.

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VNA Breastfeeding Classes

Join us for this free series taught by a VNA Breastfeeding expert! We’ll discuss basic information and answer the most common
questions you have about breastfeeding.

Learn about topics including:

  • What if I don’t have enough breastmilk?
  • Does breastfeeding hurt?
  • Is formula the same as breastmilk?
  • And more!

All are welcome – you do not have to be a VNA patient to attend. These classes are for community members (non-WIC participants).

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To sign up, call (630) 892-4720 for more information.

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