November 8, 2021

VNA’s Community Health team has been busy providing Flu Shots and COVID-19 Vaccines! During the month of October, we have participated in numerous events in neighborhoods across our service area.

Earlier this month, Community Health Nurse Elisa Lara and our community event scheduling lead, Crystal, joined other vendors at the Farmer’s Market in Downtown Elgin. Even with the drizzle of rain, the atmosphere was great and the live performances kept everyone in high spirits. Elisa administered flu shots and was also able to provide COVID-19 vaccination and booster shots.

On October 15th State Representative Stephanie Kifowit and Alderman Scheketa Hart-Burns in Aurora collaborated on an event they called Taking Back Our Community to raise awareness and access to vaccination services. Many different organizations were present during this event, including The Neighbor Project, Aurora Financial Empowerment Center, Aetna, Family Focus, YMCA Metropolitan Chicago, Association for Individual Development and VNA Health Care. VNA was on deck to provide the community with Flu Shots and COVID-19 Vaccines. We ended this great event with 51 flu shots and 7 COVID-19 vaccines being administered!