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If you are expecting, you can expect to find resources for your pregnancy at VNA

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July 1, 2018
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July 8, 2018

When you are pregnant, suddenly everyone wants to open the door for you, carry your bags, and give you free* stuff. Here’s the links to the goodies mentioned in our video.

If you are pregnant you can start your prenatal care at VNA right away. Learn more about what we offer here.

Free samples and offers

*Please note not all of these items are free or may require you to cancel after receiving your free trial. If that is the case, we’ve noted specific instructions for how to cancel after the link.

 Register for free on these websites and you’ll get samples and coupons in the mail.

Free welcome box from Walmart is now closed

Diapers – These are free items but you must cancel within the time frame noted to avoid future charges. 

Honest Company:

The most important thing to note when ordering this bundle is that you have 7 days following your order to cancel your ‘membership’ by calling 1.888.862.8818. If you do not cancel, you’ll be charged for a monthly subscription.

Every Day Happy is now closed.

Baby items available for free, you pay shipping and handling fee only with code: ccthanks16
An uddercover helps moms that want to cover to be comfortable and stylish while breastfeeding.
A curved pillow designed to help support baby during breastfeeding.
Design and customize a paci for baby.
Baby slings and wraps for wearing your baby.
Cute designs keep baby’s legs warm and knees protected.

There’s an app for your pregnancy!
These apps are free and available on both iphone (ios) and android

Glow Nurture Pregnancy App (available in Spanish)
This is a customizable app to track your pregnancy. Includes alerts and insights based on data you enter, pregnancy articles, charts, symptom tracker, community support, and more.

Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker
This app has a sense of humor and will send you useful, practical tips for each week of your pregnancy.

The Bump Pregnancy app
The Bump compares your baby’s growth in utero to fruit- it’s fun and easy to relate to. Also includes updates and information about the changes and developments happening to both your baby and body and helps you prepare.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker
This app offers a personalized approach to tracking your baby’s development in the womb. Includes a customizable health tracker, calendar to organize and track all things related to your pregnancy, and access to a safe and supportive community of moms and moms-to-be.

Full Term Contraction Counter

Full Term’s stopwatch-like simplicity lets you time contractions with just the touch of a button. Press green when a contraction starts and red when it stops. The app automatically calculates and tracks the frequency and duration of contractions, so you can let you doctor know exactly how far apart they are. This will help determine how quickly (or slowly) you’ll need to hustle to the hospital for delivery.

The Baby Pics Photo Editor app is $2.99 and is available on both iphone (ios) and android

Baby Pics Photo Editor App (available in Spanish)
This one is $2.99, but if you love sharing your pics on social media you might want to invest in this fun app. The app features pregnancy and baby versions of the cute stickers on Snapchat. Includes milestone artwork to layer on your photos too.

Textforbaby will send free text messages to you with health tips for you and your baby. The texts are free even if you are on a pre-paid plan.

And lastly, here is your bonus for reading all the way to the end – download our Checklist for What to Bring to the Hospital printable.



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